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Before you start the hunt for your wedding venue, check out this WEDDING VENUE CHECKLIST!

Updated: May 5, 2020

Are you newly engaged? Congratulations! You are probably starting your wedding planning process now. The first and most critical step towards getting your dream wedding, is finding the perfect wedding venue.

At Windsor Function Centre, we know how your choice of a wedding venue will set the tone for the entire big day. To help you kick off your search, you can use this wedding venue checklist:


Once you have decided on the wedding location you want, evaluate your available options based on the accessibility of each wedding venue via public transportation and the availability of convenient parking options. Check also if the location of the wedding venue is easy-to-find.


The cost of the wedding venue and catering service usually represent about half of any wedding budget. Therefore, you need to set a realistic budget before choosing a wedding venue.

To find a wedding venue that embodies both of you as a couple and also fits within your budget, you need to ask a few questions, such as what each wedding package includes.


Finding a wedding venue with the right capacity that perfectly suits the number of guests you intend to invite is essential. An overcrowded wedding venue will make your guests feel uncomfortable. That does not mean that you should book a large wedding venue. A half-empty room does not look good either and will also cost you more money.


Here, is where you should get a more flexible mindset and explore all options. You can set a wedding date first and search for the venues available on that date, or you can go the other way around and set the date based on the availability of the wedding venue you want.

Either way, the availability of the wedding venue is not the only aspect you should consider. If you intend to have a bridal party the day before or if some of your guests will be staying overnight, then you should also check the availability of suitable accommodations for you and your guests.


The style of the wedding venue needs to match the look and feel you are going for. To help you imagine the final look of the wedding venue, you should ask about the room set-up and see pictures of previous weddings that took place in that venue before.

The Windsor Function Centre, can provide you with the wedding venue of your dreams. If you are looking for an elegant wedding, no matter how big or small, Windsor Function Centre will perfectly suit your requirements.

Centrally located in historical Windsor, Windsor Function Centre will provide you with a truly unique experience for your special day. All wedding packages can be custom- tailored to your requests. Call us now and let us give you the memorable wedding you have always dreamed of!

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